The Power of Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is a powerful tool in altering the way we act and feel – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Janice Strand - Nutritional TherapistChanging what we put into our bodies and utilizing appropriate nutrients can have a dramatic and positive effect on our overall health. In fact, utilizing proper food and holistic nutrition to manage the chemistry within our bodies is the most natural and life-giving means of attaining health and vitality. The key when consulting a nutritional therapist is to understand what works best for you and implement a strategy that calls on the body’s natural propensity for wellness to bring about the desired results.

From the initial consultation, Thrive Nutrition for Mind and Body takes each client’s medical history and individuality into account while treating the specific issues through diet and supplementation, Nutrition Response testing, and beneficial food ideas particular to your lifestyle and bodily condition.

Making the choice for a healthy life is an effective first step. Having the resolve to move forward is the critical phase to the fruition of your health and wellbeing.