Last week I went with my son to Portland (he had to take an exam for Acupuncture school). Since I get up earlier, I went down to the lobby where breakfast was served and had my tea. As I was sitting there, I observed people and what they were eating. This went hand-in-hand with my talk next month on “Eating for Energy”. I know for sure why humans have such an energy crisis because what I saw was massive amounts of SUGAR!

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I observed the “diet females” who had fruit and yogurt (flavored yogurt) with maybe a sprinkle of granola; the “natural eaters” who ate a bowl full of oatmeal, fruit and honey on top with toast and orange juice on the side; the “fiber lovers” who got the box of fiber cereal, fruit, toast and skim milk; also, the “carb-a-holics”, who went for the large pancakes, waffles, syrup, fruits and juice. Now maybe on some of the plates there was a sausage or an egg but believe me it was covered with a sweet roll or pancakes.

All of the food I watched people eat was a form of sugar. All carbohydrates, (grains, fruit, beans,) are broken down into glucose as soon as we eat them. The fructose in these foods is taken directly to the liver to be metabolized. Fats, protein and fiber do help slow down the rate the carbohydrate gets broken down, but it is still sugar in the body. At all times our body only needs 1 teaspoon of glucose to run efficiently. What is it going to do with the other 20+ teaspoons of sugar these people ate for breakfast? Well, it gets put on our stomach and thighs in the form of stored fat. Interestingly, sugar or glucose is very toxic to the blood stream but our body has a remarkable system to monitor this called insulin.

Fast forward two hours and these people are going to feel the crash! Insulin has been released and taken the sugar out of the blood stream and stored it in our liver as glycogen, in our muscles and, for most everyone, in our fat tissues, particularly in the belly region, butt and thighs. That results in a low-blood sugar effect and they now need something fast. Their bodies are screaming for energy and the quickest is carbs. They need a coffee break, energy drink, muffin, granola bar or fruit. That’s more sugar, and the “blood-sugar roller coaster” has began.

There are many symptoms of low-blood sugar. These include:

• Irritability • Nervousness • Shakiness
• Brain Fog • Cold Sweats • Moodiness
• Fatigue • Depression • Anxiety
• Constant Worry • Exhaustion • Headaches
• Insomnia • Leg Cramps • Itching and Crawling Skin
• Blurred Vision • Crying Spells • Sighing and Yawning
• Faintness • Dizziness • Sweets/Alcohol Craving

Our bodies were not made to consume so much sugar and it’s showing up in a myriad of ways, including hormone imbalances, adrenal and thyroid issues, sleep impairment, gut dysbiosis, autoimmune disease, brain disorders and energy.

In my practice, Thrive Nutrition for Mind and Body, the first thing I do is to look at a persons food log. We cannot even attempt to heal without addressing what they eat first.

If you are looking for some answers to a health issue or need more energy in your day, come to my talk Eating for Energy. Here is the information:

Saturday, November 22nd noon-2PM
15830 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA.

The holiday season is near, which means more stress, more sugar, and sluggishness. Our choices of food affects our mood, energy, and decides if we succumb to temptation and cravings. Come learn how to eat to pack on energy rather than pounds.

Or, call or email and see if an appointment is what you are looking for to help you Thrive.

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