Weight is much more complex than calories in verses calories out.

That’s why 95% of people who lose weight gain it back.

Come join this 4 – week weight class and discover:

  •  Why you are holding onto weight, and how to release it.
  • The physiological causes of weight gain.
  • Tools to transform & change your body and mind.
  • How Hypnosis can be a method to open pathways to discovering what’s holding you back.

This class is not just another fad, crash and burn diet. In fact, there is no dieting! You will learn how to eat for the rest of your life, while having the energy to enjoy it.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Each week we will end the session with a group Hypnosis directed towards clearing weight loss issues.

 Week 1:  DIET – Digestion, Inflammation & do Calories count?

Week 2:  Hormones – How to balance weight-controlling hormones, and the role the Liver plays.

Week 3:  Stress / Sleep – The effects it has on our weight; the role of exercise.

Week 4:  Cravings & Brain Chemistry – Self- sabotage, pleasure, rewards and the connection to our brain chemistry.

 When:  Tuesdays, July 7th  _  28th, 6-8pm

Where:  3100 Airport Way South (the Old Rainer Brewery)

Cost:  $180.00 for all four classes

To sign up: Call or email me at 206-617-0908



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