Exciting News for Thrive Nutrition for Mind and Body!

Hey everyone – exciting news!

Thrive Nutrition for Mind and Body has moved to Redmond!                                                                                                                         

Conveniently, the office also houses a wonderful esthetician and great massage therapist. It’s easy access off of Hwy 520 with lots of parking.

The New Year is well under way, and along with it typically comes lots of change. It’s the perfect time to put yourself on top of your “to do list”. Take the needed time and get balanced and finally feeling and looking your best. When you feel good on the inside you radiate on the outside.

I can order, translate and analyze Hormone, Cortisol, Neurotransmitter, Thyroid, Gut and Food Sensitivity Testing for you. Along with my Nutritional Response Testing this helps put all the confusing pieces together so we can achieve a more balanced state of being. These tests can be quite confusing, but luckily I will do all the tough work for you and simply help guide you on your path.

Plus, if you seem to sabotage yourself with weight gain, goals, health issues or relationships (this is very common!), I am a certified Hypnotherapist. I use the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™, along with other forms for great results.

Are you ready for change? You are worth it!

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