Would you give your dog an energy drink and granola bars, or put Diet Coke in your gas tank?

I don’t think so.

So, why put damaging and debilitating food in your body?

Your body is responsible for how you move through your day, how well you focus, and your energy.

Food is fuel. It’s information to every cell in your body, telling that cell to repair, grow, refuel, or inflame.

What you put into your body directly correlates with how clearly you think and your energy level for the day. How you feel and think from the food you eat – it’s your choice.

Follow these 5 steps to increase your energy, improve your focus and notice how your productivity goes through the roof!

1. Eat A Protein filled Breakfast for Dopamine and Drive!

Your brain uses Tyrosine (an amino acid) to produce Dopamine, your high voltage neurotransmitter. Dopamine is the source of motivation! It’s your inner drive and satisfaction of getting the job done.

You get Tyrosine from protein sources such as meats, eggs, and cheese. So, make sure to include these for breakfast: aim for 3-5 oz. or a palm size.

When you’re in a hurry, no problem. Just grab 3 hard-boiled eggs, slices of turkey, or last night’s leftover hamburger.

So, if you find your concentration wandering, decision-making slower and it takes more of an effort to get things done, increase the protein in your breakfast.

2. Include “Healthy Fats” with your Breakfast!

To balance brain blood sugar levels, add these healthy fats: avocado, butter, eggs, olives, nuts/seeds, coconut oil and MCT oil to breakfast.

Fats are a nice slow and steady source of energy. They help to lower your blood sugar levels and increase satiety.

It’s time to let go of the old, false information that “eating fats makes you fat”. Modern research tells us this is not true when you consume the right kind of fats.

If you need that 10:00 coffee and muffin to make it to lunch, you did not eat enough fats for breakfast. Your blood sugar is crashing! And when blood sugar is low, your brain cannot think clearly and your productivity goes down.

Keeping our blood sugar at an even level is critical to brain health and energy. Today, Alzheimer’s is called Diabetes Type 3. It’s too much sugar for the brain! The right fats are your key to blood sugar balance.

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If you are not a “Breakfast Person”, or always in a hurry try: BULLETPROOF® Coffee. Adding in butter and MCT oil to your coffee in the morning does this. These additions provide the fat that prevents blood sugar levels from going too low. To increase protein, add in Collagen Powder – there is no weird taste! Also, keep in mind that there is little nutritional density in a Bullet Coffee so you’ll need to get that later in your day.

3. Eat Lunch and Eat Enough Protein!
Skipping lunch to get more done ends up with less productivity. Eliminating meals is a stress to your brain, which signals Cortisol to raise blood sugar levels and increases Insulin, (your fat storage hormone). Insulin lowers blood sugar levels fast so you crash. Before you know it, your reaching for the chocolate, and all you can think about is food.

Eat enough protein. Women, this includes you. Again, you want to think clearly for the rest of the day, so you need Tyrosine. Now, if you want to fall asleep, eat pasta or bread. If you order salads with small portions of meat or protein, it won’t fuel your brain or last you through the day. This is the time for that mouth-watering steak, which is full of Tyrosine. Add on avocado and greens and you have a perfect high- performance lunch!

4. Reduce the Daily Consumption of Carbohydrates!

Foods such as breads, rice, cereals and pastas turn into glucose (sugar) in your mouth within 4-5 chews. Just let that sink in for a minute….

This results in swallowing a mouth full of sugar, for high blood sugar levels that make you sleepy and create “brain fog”. Insulin rushes in to bring blood sugar levels down, but often so low that the result is shaking, inability to think clearly, sweating, and confusion.

It is impossible to be productive with erratic blood sugar levels, and thinking clearly is difficult. So, substitute lots of vegetables for grains, and throw on butter or olive oil. Your brain and body will feel great!

In a restaurant? No problem, just order meat and ask to replace the pasta, potato or rice with steamed veggies and a big salad. Don’t be skimpy with the olive oil either.

5. Hydrate with Water!

If your body’s water content drops by as little as 2%, it will cause fatigue!
Hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients, and performance all depend upon water flow.

Dehydration plays a major role in headaches, stomachaches, and joint pain. Other dehydration symptoms are anxiety, food cravings, hunger, irritability and depression.

Coffee doesn’t count! Coffee, sodas, alcohol and fruit juices all are diuretics. They flush water out of your body.

A good guide to follow is to drink one half of your body weight in ounces of water daily. Electrolytes are needed for absorption. So if you are peeing water faster than you can drink it, add in a pinch of sea salt.

Sip water through out the day, except during meals.

Intake of water with food can dilute your digestive enzymes, creating bloating, heartburn or gas. Now, how productive are you with bloating and gas?

Follow these easy steps and notice how clear your mind becomes, and how your productivity increases. What you choose to put into your mouth can give you a clear competitive advantage throughout your day.

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