When I was 17, my Mom said to my doctor “Why is she so fat?” What!

Being fat was news to me! But I began a journey that so many women and men take. The search, the hunger, the frustration, and endless rounds of low energy and deprivation.

It was the time of low-fat diets. I quickly hopped on that bullet-train, replacing the butter and healthy food I loved so much with an apple for lunch, hamburger-patty-hold-everything for dinner.

I was starving, my brain was starving. After I graduated from college as a “Nutritionist,” I knew I should feel better. But I felt crappy! Sure, I was thin, but being thin does not equal happy and healthy.

We are supposed to feel good. . . . Right? I was determined to feel good again.

I’ve always been curious! So I began a search for health with pleasure, and never quit. In the process of having children and helping them feel better, I learned how important the right fats and proteins are.
No one has to be frustrated and hungry!

I noticed common themes. The heavier people were trying so hard to “be good,” eating low-fat, low-calorie foods. So much trying and so much disappointment! I wanted to tell them, you can eat healthy, great food, feel full, not hungry, lose weight and feel wonderful!

Our bodies cannot handle the amounts of grains and sugars the USDA food pyramid recommends!

The reason I do what I do is that I see people suffering unnecessarily because of poor diet, just as I did. I know from personal experience that you can get back your health, vitality, and your slim body, while eating a diet filled with healthy delicious foods that you love.

My Mission is to share my discoveries, so you and your children can be satisfied and happy, enjoying your natural birthright: the blessings of good health!