What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story. Good, bad or indifferent, we each create our own personal tale that internalizes our experience as “who we are.”

Within that “story” framework, there are five basic needs that humans share which are critical to our growth, our health and even our survival:

Being Valued
Unconditional Love

The story that we believe is who we become. What we missed out on shapes our identity. If we lacked any of these five needs, we create emotional and physical symptoms that affect us throughout our life. This can lead to hormone imbalance, pain, autoimmune disease, digestion difficulties, heart issues, weight gain and loss, etc.
What if you never felt safe growing up? Maybe you came from abuse, or a chaotic household. As you build your story around never feeling safe, that emotion becomes the framework of your reality.

Some people need to put on extra weight to feel safe, while some try to disappear by becoming emaciated. We can try every diet out there, but until we feel safe, our body is not going to become the magnificent instrument it was meant to be, with the qualities it was meant to have.

If you never felt unconditional love, you may become a chronic “people pleaser.” We see this in the outwardly perfect Mom, wearing herself out to please everyone. She runs herself ragged for her spouse, her kids, the in-laws, the PTA, while on the inside, she is without hope or help. So she struggles with bloating, PMS, fatigue, constipation and insomnia.

We identify most with the basic need we missed out on, so we strive to fulfill ourselves by attracting whatever emotional requirement we didn’t get. Those empty places give rise to a story of unworthiness that we believe about ourselves. This in turn creates the emotional and physical symptoms we feel each and every day.

Everything Is Connected.

Your symptoms are the clues to your story. My goal is to uncover that need, hear the story, make the connections with how you feel, and assist you in telling a new story, allowing health and vitality by creating the life you want.

You “Wear” Your Story!

How you walk, where you hold weight and stress in your body, the tone of your skin, the way you dress, all give clues to your unique story. The appearance of your body can shout out “I’m in emotional pain” and you may not even know why.

Your Puzzle Is Waiting to be Solved . . .

These are some of the clues I look for. This is why “one size fits all” does not work. Every one is special and deserves to be treated in a holistic way that takes the time to put the pieces of your puzzle together.

Create a New Story!

Transform Your Health, Your Future, and Your Life