The other day at the YMCA, I was next to a guy on the bikes. I looked over and noticed he was eating fruit while riding his bike. I had to take a double look at that one.

This guy appeared to be his 40’s and looked like he was on a mission to lose weight. He was sweating and pushing hard in between his bites of fruit. I also noticed he had a tummy roll, which is a big clue to what’s going on. No matter how hard he worked, he was sabotaging himself by eating sugar.

Why do you think this guy needs to eat while exercising? My guess is blood sugar dysfunction. This is when you feel shaky, weak, brain fog, anxiety and irritable one minute then sleepy, fatigued, hungry, and an inability to lose weight the next. You also need to eat every few hours.

Our bodies cannot handle more than about 1 teaspoon or 5mg of glucose (sugar) in our blood stream at any given time. It works hard keeping it this way by releasing insulin to take the extra sugar and put it into cells, liver, and fat storage, (tummy roll, love handles, muffin tops).

Carbohydrates (sugar) break down quickly in your body just like kindling in a fireplace. It burns fast, and doesn’t last long. You need more wood (or food) to keep the fire going. In other words, you must eat more to keep your own fire going.

Insulin is then released and shuttles the glucose (sugar) away leaving you  hungry again. This is what I call a sugar burner. The body is dependent upon a constant supply of carbohydrates to keep it going. It needs to eat or snack all day and gets hangry (hungry + angry) if it doesn’t.

Sugar burners often have a hard time losing weight, or they may look thin but have a belly roll, love handles and no muscle tone. A sugar burner also may have inflammation in the brain which results in brain fog, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

Now, what if you were to put a big log (fats) onto this fire? It would burn slow and last longer. You would have a constant supply of energy, no ups or downs. This is a fat burner. The body is able to tap into its own fat supply and use it for energy. This provides a steady fuel that gives you plenty of energy for your body and brain. I believe it’s how we were meant to function. It also helps to lose that muffin top.

If you can go 4-6 hours in between meals, with steady energy, clear brain function and at a healthy weight with muscle tone, this is a good sign of being a fat burner.

So how do you become a fat burner?

First, quit dieting and starving yourself.

  • Reduce the carbohydrates. This includes all grains, potatoes,  processed foods,  fruits, sodas and wine.
  • Increase fats such as, coconut, olive, avocado and macadamia nut oils, olives, avocados, butter, fatty fish, nuts and seeds in every meal.
  • Stick with a moderate amount of protein (meat, eggs or fish). Your palm size is a good measurement.
  • Eat 3 meals a day. We have trained ourselves to snack. There is an exception: if you are a sugar burner and have adrenal issues you need to heal your blood sugar dysregulation first. You may temporarily need to snack on the correct foods while training your body to use fat as fuel.
  • No eating after dinner.
  • Allow your body at least 12 hours from dinner to breakfast. This gives it time to start using its fat sources.
  • Wait to have coffee after your breakfast. Having it before you eat will increase blood sugar levels.
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners. This creates a sweet taste in your mouth and can release insulin. Remember, insulin lowers blood sugar levels, stores fat and increases hunger!
  • Sleep. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase cravings, cortisol and blood sugar levels. Aim for 7-9 hours nightly.
  • Move your body. Walk, weight train, dance and yoga all help your body tap into its fat storage.
  • Calm the inner storm. Stress increases cortisol which increases blood sugar. This will create cravings for anything sweet salty and fatty, like french fries.

It’s such a great feeling when you can experience steady energy all day without needing to rely on food every hour!

If you have any questions or want to switch your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner, sign up here for a complimentary discovery session.

Great energy is my wish for you,