Years ago I took my daughter to a hospital Dietitian before she left for college. She was worried about gaining the “Freshman 15” and I just wanted to be her mom, not her nutritionist.

After watching the nice woman show us plastic foods, fake boxes of factory foods, (grains and sugars), and a picture of the food pyramid, my daughter was instructed to follow, we left. As we walked down the hall we both knew I was once again, her nutritionist.

It was so hard to keep my mouth shut! If my daughter did follow the food pyramid as shown, she would have been hypoglycemic, depressed and gain the 15 pounds, plus some!

The Food Pyramid was introduced to the United States by the department of Agriculture (USDA). It has changed throughout the years but has been consistent with the large amount of grains it suggests, and how it bashes Saturated fats. I realize most of us don’t pay attention to this chart, or even know how to eat from it, but the fact that it is still being used infuriates me.

How did we get to the place where we don’t know how to eat? Don’t we know what foods give us energy, and what foods leave us feeling crappy?

Let’s go back to the basic, how our great grandparents ate. Real organic foods from Mother Earth. They didn’t eat Fake Factory foods that line the grocery store isles today. They ate their farm-raised meat, eggs, garden vegetables, and home-made bread from unaltered grains.

Sweets were for celebrations, alcohol wasn’t needed to get through the night, and they didn’t need to eat every 2 hours.

Their Blood sugar was stable, they worked hard, and were healthy.

Today, every time we eat, our body must clean up the spike in blood sugar. With the large amounts of carbohydrates that we consume, grazing throughout the day and the low-fat dieting, we are ping- ponging from Hypoglycemia to Hyperglycemia. This creates weight gain, inflammation, hot flashes, carbohydrate cravings, brain fog, sleepless nights and the list goes on.

Blood sugar levels are responsible for how we feel, look and act. Our health, weight and hormones are dependent upon our blood sugar levels. When our blood sugar is off, we feel bad!

The good news is we have control! We can change how we feel just by what we put in our mouth. Here are a few simple tips to help you eat to feel your best.


  • Buy from your local farmers. The absolute best in organic meat and veggies. This is a win – win situation as we support their hard work, they give us the most nutritious foods!
  • Reduce the grains, sugars, and processed foods you eat daily. This will help re-set your blood sugar.
  • Before eating ask yourself, “Does this come from a factory or from mother nature”? If factory, put it down.
  • Eat protein (meat, eggs, seafood), fats (avocado, olives, nuts, coconut oil), and veggies (in a variety of colors), in all your meals.
  • Eat enough food during your meal so you can last 4 or more hours. We have trained ourselves to snack, but we can learn to eat meals again. This helps reduce the amount of insulin released. Insulin lowers blood sugar and stores it as fat.

For your empowerment –

I’ve created a blood sugar questionnaire to show you if you tend to be Hypoglycemic or Hyperglycemia. This comes with a 7-day personal program, including a hypnosis audio to help with your sugar cravings.

Take the quiz, follow the plan, feel better. Easier than trying to figure out the Food Pyramid!

Great energy is my wish for you!