Many of you may not know I have added Hypnotherapy to my practice Thrive Nutrition for Mind and Body. Often, I would reach a limit with a client and feel a block or resistance to their healing. My intuition knew they had beliefs and emotions that they have been holding on to and because our body holds these emotions in our cells, they can surface as an illness. To heal is a physical and emotional journey.

I had a personal “Ah Ha” moment with hypnotherapy a while back. Almost 2 years ago I became a grandma, (the best experience ever!). Being a new grandma brought back memories of my grandma. She was nice, stable and comforting. She would listen when I talked and she was soft and cushy. I could sit on her lap and feel the safety in her roundness.

As months passed being a new grandma, I noticed I was putting on a few pounds. I did not fit the pieces together until I traded a hypnotherapy session with another practitioner. During my session, out came the belief that “grandmas are soft and cushy”. Wow! At that moment I realized in my subconscious, I believed that to be a good grandma, I needed to gain some weight and turn soft.

When it comes to weight, I have found many beliefs that keep people stuck. They may feel the need for protection, some want to be left alone, others find that if they are large people will listen and take them seriously, or they are so exhausted in life, the extra pounds will help them get through the day. Sometimes, a dessert is the only sweet thing they have to look forward to and food is our only non-judgmental friend. Whatever the reason, it’s a way we self-sabotage ourselves from being our own true self. In hypnotherapy, we can safely uncover those beliefs and find ways to replace them with new and helpful thought patterns.

Since my “light bulb” moment, I replaced my old belief that grandmas are mushy with knowing that grandparents can be physically strong and vibrant, which inspired me to get back to weights. As a result my muscle mass is returning and I have the energy to play with my granddaughter all day! It’s amazing what the sub-conscious mind can do to our bodies – what we believe is true is what we create.

Have you ever considered the beliefs you have that might be holding you back? Call or email for a Hypnotherapy appointment.


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