Estrogen Dominance.

In part 1, I talked about what Estrogen Dominance is and how it develops. In part 2, I talked about symptoms and the importance of saliva testing. Finally, in part 3, I will go over prevention and ways to reduce estrogen dominance.

Estrogen Dominance, what do you do?

Below are some helpful tips to reduce the estrogen overload:

  • Mandatory: eat a diet rich in nutrients. Depending on your particular needs, this will vary. However, this means NO Fake Factory Foods.
  • Include Organic as much as possible, especially for meat and dairy products.
  • Dump the plastic, all of your plastic.
  • Drink filtered water in glass or stainless steel.
  • No more food from BPA-lined cans.
  • Get off birth control pills. You may need some help to slowly wean your body off and support it with the missing nutrients the pill has affected.
  • Exchange body care and household cleaning products to “chemical free”. EWG has an extensive list of body care, make up and cleaning products to check out: https://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners#.Wu-SN8gh1o4
  • Make sure other household members are doing the same things as you. These products will rub off onto others and you don’t want your children or pets absorbing these chemicals.
  • Know that this advice includes dryer sheets, fragrances, and plastic shower curtains.
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. Studies have shown consumption of alcohol raises estrogen levels and slows down fat burning[1]. Even one glass of wine a day increases breast cancer risk by 11 percent[2]!
  • Love your liver! Your liver breaks down and gets rid of extra hormones and chemicals. A diet of processed foods, alcohol and sugars will clog it, thereby, slowing it down. A clogged liver cannot detox estrogen; therefore, estrogen recirculates back into your body, increasing levels even more.
  • Eat your fiber. Fiber will grab onto estrogen and with the help of bile will be eliminated from your body. In fact, raw carrots have been shown to help with estrogen elimination.
  • Do not drink soy milk. Soy milk contains phytoestrogens and can contribute to estrogen dominance. Especially important for children.
  • Manage your stress! Find ways to think differently, as not everything is life threatening. Breathe, take walks, talk it out, sleep more, find what brings you joy. Life is supposed to be fun.
  • Balance your blood sugar levels. This affects cortisol and insulin, both of which have a huge impact on estrogen. If you are curious about your blood sugar, go to my blood sugar quiz. This will give you solutions and, with the free 7-day plan, you will experience positive results.
  • There are many great herbs, and supplements that help with estrogen breakdown and elimination. Before suggesting any of these, I first recommend taking the saliva hormone test I talked about in part 2. This way we can pinpoint exactly what needs supported. Guessing is expensive.
  • I would like to mention one great supplement: Di-indolemethane, or DIM for short. DIM helps to lower estrogen. DIM naturally occurs in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli. You would have to eat bushels of these veggies to get the protective compound that is in DIM so 200 mg/day is a good place to start. Broccoli sprouts also contain these important compounds.

Believe me, once you balance your hormones you will feel fantastic! I’m now through menopause and I feel great! This path has been a helpful learning experience but I could have felt miserable if I had not done my work before.

Take some time for yourself and do the work. We spend a lot of time in our body. You are worth it!

1 Dr. Sara Gotteried, MD, “The Hormone Cure

2 Dr. Sara Gotteried, MD, “The Hormone Cure”

Great energy is my wish for you,