For the past few months, I’ve been observing a woman close to my age (postmenopausal), exercising at the YMCA with a young male personal trainer as her coach.

The exercises he has her doing are long, high intensity and completely running her ragged.

I want to say, “Stop this madness”!

These types of workouts may be effective for a 20-something male, but not a menopausal woman! It is common to think that the harder you work physically in the gym, the better the results. However, as women age, we need very different things than our younger male counterparts, in and out of the gym! 

They also talk about eating low-fat and reducing calories. This is definitely the last thing she needs. It can be so confusing when we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and “experts” are giving us flawed or conflicting information. But I am here to tell you – low-fat diets and lots of cardio aren’t the answer

Women have more estrogen. This affects how we deal with carbohydrates and blood sugar. We have more progesterone, which affects how we deal with stress and sleep. We need different approaches than men towards exercise and food to feel and look our best.

This woman looks like an “Adrenal body type”. She has thin legs and is larger in the middle. Her skin looks dry and she looks exhausted. This body shape is usually more sensitive to carbohydrates, blood sugar balance, and stress. Pushing her body past her limits, and reducing calories tells her body there is more stress. “Increase cortisol, increase blood sugar, and increase belly fat”, is what the body hears, and so it does.

You can’t beat or starve the fat out of you. It will return, with a vengeance!

What the trainer and this woman don’t know is that our hormones decide what our body is going to do with the food we eat. We don’t have calorie receptor sites, we have hormone receptor sites. It’s not the calories – it’s the hormones, and our hormones are dependent upon blood sugar levels.

As we age, our hormones change. They are supposed to. I get so tired of listening to commercials telling us we need to have the same hormones we had in our twenties and thirties. No! Life set us up for our hormones to slowly decline. That doesn’t mean we need to feel like crap, but we do need to change how we do things.

We become more sensitive to carbohydrates and blood sugar levels as our hormones change. Many of us have had years of chronic stress so we are low in Progesterone, Testosterone, and DHEA. Our cortisol has created belly fat and love handles. Since, after menopause, women depend on their adrenals for hormone production. If they have spent years with chronic stress, they will have a shortage in that department.

Taking synthetic hormones is not the answer, and can be dangerous. Besides, it’s just like putting on a band-aid – it covers up the problem (temporarily) but doesn’t fix the core reason.

Balancing Blood Sugar levels and controlling stress are the first areas I look at when there are weight and hormone problems. The amount of sugar in our meal tells our body what hormones to release and whether we will store or burn fat.

Stress creates cortisol, which also raises blood sugar levels. So, we can gain weight without even eating! So much for those calorie counters.

Taking charge of your blood sugar is critical to how you look and feel.

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What’s stopping you from feeling your best?

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