CHILDREN ARE LIKE SPONGES. We know they learn from watching us and copying us, such as walking and talking, but, we forget that before they can talk and as far back as in the womb, they can feel our emotions; Anger, uncertainty, sadness, and joy. Children intuitively feel the emotions their parents are experiencing, but don’t understand. Often they attach these feelings to their own self and grow up thinking something is wrong with them, or they feel responsible for their parents sadness or anger thinking “ I’m bad, I’m not good enough” or “ I did something wrong to cause this”.

One reason is up to age 7, kids are egocentric. Their world evolves around them – as it should. They do not understand there are other reasons that don’t include them for their family’s bad day, or life. This can cause anxiety, depression, stomachache’s, etc

Learn to express your feelings in a safe way; teach your child to do the same and listen to them with out judgment. Show them it’s safe and normal to feel, that all feelings are okay and necessary. Explain we are all responsible for our own emotions and not responsible for others reactions.

As we hold in these emotions thinking ,“ I just want to create peace” or “ I’m a bad person for feeling this”, they can get stored in our body and cause illnesses. For example:


  • Heart – Joy
  • Lungs / Colon – grief and sadness. Colon can relate to the past
  • Stomach / Worry, Dread of the new
  • Pancreas / Defeated, no sweetness in life
  • Liver – Anger
  • Kidney – Fear, Not letting go
  • Small Intestine – Unable to make decisions
  • Thyroid- Not speaking up, our voice

If this is new to you, practice as you teach your child. It’s very bonding learning new ways together. Teach by example and lead the way in showing them how good and healthy it is to express all feelings.

In my practice Thrive Nutrition for Mind and Body I find connections with illnesses and bottled up emotions. We need to work on both the emotional and physical to feel better.

So, next time your child has a stomachache, think about what’s been going on in their world.