Your Life’s Transformational Journey!

One Year To Living Your Dream!!

The knowledge, tools, and courage you need!
Leave behind old ways & the old pain!
Build a life of health, joy and super vitality!
Your Path to Personal Enrichment & Inner Peace!

This Program Is Your Life-Saving Solution For …

Deep, chronic health issues, including Weight Gain, Diabetes,
Hormone imbalances, SIBO, Autoimmune Disease & Anxiety!

Together, We Will Forge You Path to Healing!

This entire year is dedicated and designed for you to
Remove, Review, Repair and Re-Energize Your Life!

Make Your Energy & Life Transformation Happen!
I am a Transformational Energy Practitioner & Teacher.

I see the imbalances in your body, energy field, and emotions. They tell me where to explore — Stress? Hormones? Blood Sugar? Gut Issues? Inflammation? Immune System?

I Repair & Restore Your Body-Mind Connection.


Part I: Sessions 1-12

The VIP Discovery Series
  • A 2-Hour In-Depth VIP Discovery Session
  • A 2-Hour Custom Evaluation & Analysis
  • Ten 60-90 Minute Protocol & Solutions Sessions

Remove and move on from what’s not working in your life,
energetically, emotionally and physically.

I get to know you, understand the story from which you built your life. You get to write a new story and create a new life.

You get Questionnaires and Handouts to find better understanding  of your physical and emotional health. These are helpful tools for you to use at home. Yes, you get homework!

Combining Heart, Science & Spirit, We Explore The Energy Wheel.  This is the fun part. Lots of “Aha moments”!

  • I address your physical, emotional, and mental energy
  • You get a Food List custom designed, step by step for you to follow.
  • We use a food journal to track any reactions and do food sensitivity testing.
  • I make sure you are digesting efficiently.
  • Eliminate bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues.
  • Ensure you absorb nutrients and that you are comfortable with your foods.
  • Energy Nutrition Response Testing (ENRT) is administered and analysed.
  • Guesswork is eliminated as we narrowing down supplements food decisions.
  • Re calibrate physical, emotional, mental energy with YOUR RIGHT EATING!
  • Protocols, Answers and Awareness
  • We uncover the “real” reasons for your low energy, fatigue, or discomfort.

Part II: Sessions 13-23

The 5 Human Needs Series

  • VIP Session 13 – 2 Hours
  • Ten 60-90 Minute Sessions

Review Your thoughts, your beliefs, your story and eliminate what’s not working from your life

The Five Basic Human Needs

Within our story we all have 5 basic needs that  are critical to our growth and survival.

If we lack any of these needs we can create emotional and physical symptoms that affect us the rest of our life. These 5 needs are:

  • Safety
  • Acknowledgement
  • Being Valued
  • Unconditional Love
  • Growth

Emotions are stored in the body and can show up as disease or pain. As you peel off old layers these emotions will show up. By digging into them and finding their root we can release the hold or power they have over you and empower you.

Part III: Sessions 24-36

The Repair Series

  • Special VIP Session 24
  • A Two Hour Review and Plan Going Forward
  • Twelve 60-90 Minute Sessions

Repair by adding in healing, nurturing foods, thoughts, and beliefs about who you are.

We have discovered your story and your unmet needs.

We removed the foods, chemicals, toxins, and beliefs
that have been harming you.

Now it’s time to add in foods, beliefs, thoughts
and desires that nurture your body and mind.


Part IV: Sessions 37-49

Special VIP Session 37

  • A Two Hour Review & Design For Completion
  • The Re-Energize Series
  • Eleven 60-90 Minute Sessions

Re-Energize by telling a new story!

Telling a new story is creating new habits.

These new habits will empower you, showing you have full control over your life and health.

As you tell a new story you start being that person in your story. What do you want your story to be?

How do you want it to feel?

This takes practice. We use many tools for this process until your new story and life become your new habits.

Be the new person who is capable of achieving your goals, having enough energy, and feeling great.

This is now your time to walk your talk!


What We Include

Diet & Gut health
To guarantee the food/nutrients you are eating are being absorbed.

Blood Sugar Balance

To address not only your physical but emotional health as well.

Thyroid, Cortisol, Estrogen and Progesterone to address weight, emotions, energy & pain. Further Testing may be ordered.

Immune System
A special emotional and physical protocol to learn if a Virus Disease is responsible. Unless the virus is addressed, healing cannot happen.

Where there is pain, there is inflammation. Eliminate inflammatory foods, repair digestion and add missing nutrients and inflammation/pain will decrease.

Mind, Body & Spirit
We explore your thoughts, emotions and self-beliefs. This takes us into your past and reveals the story that disempowers you. Hypnosis, meditation and affirmations are used to help you discover your real truth.

Help is needed to bridge the emotional and physical. If you crave sweets, can’t sleep, or feel negative about yourself, we
will correct your neurotransmitters.

Movement & Sleep
We discover the best exercise for your body type and stress level. We make sure you are sleeping.
We make sure that you detox, repair and burn fat.

Tapping, Hypnotherapy, Acupressure & Essential Oils
These are some of the additional tools I use to bring you to your natural born State of Energy, Super-Shining Health and Joy!

Bonus 1 -Super Session 50!
Your Special Gift Bonus & Wrap-Up

A review and celebration of all you have learned and experienced. We cover where you currently are, and how you move forward feeling great.

We discover what brings you joy.
With joy in your heart, all that you look at brings you happiness!!
This is where your New Story begins!

Bonus 2

Daily Hypnotherapy Audios

Bonus 3

Lab Testing at Lab Cost

Bonus 4

10% Discount on Thrive Supplements for 2 Years
(Order from my Thrive Mind & Body Dispensary.)

Bonus 5

Unlimited Email Contact During the Program