The Correlation Between Kids Physical and Emotional Issues and their Gut Health

When I was in grade school (many years ago) there was no ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Food Allergies, Eczema, and Psoriasis. There were a few “bad kids” but not like today. Now parents have to be so careful on what they bring for snacks or food sharing because most of the class has some kind of food sensitivity. In sports, asthma is becoming very common. There are so many creams on the market for eczema and psoriasis, doctors just keep prescribing a different one.

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Why is this becoming the normal? Like Hippocrates says “All disease begins in the gut”. The majority of our immune system starts in the gut (70-80%). Our intestinal track is a long tube full of bacteria, in fact, 100 trillion microorganisms . The gut contains 10 times more bacteria than all human cells in the body. This bacteria keeps our body healthy by breaking down food, supplying vitamins, protection from infection and regulating metabolism.

A baby is born with a sterol gut, as he/she passes through the birth canal they get their first dose of bacteria (what the mom has), then they start to inherit bacteria from those around them, hospital etc. If they are breastfed that helps – but what about the kids that are born C-section and are not breastfed, or how about if the mom was on birth control pills, antibiotics, medications and a high sugar diet? She doesn’t have the best environment to begin with. Well this has been the situation being passed down with each generation so now we have children with gut dysbiosis, (leaky gut), showing up as, learning disorders, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, and even autism. Years of low-fat, high carbohydrate eating, too many antibiotics, toxic chemicals, rancid fats, and processed foods has taken a toll on our kids. There is a great saying “If it was not around 1000 years ago or comes in a package and has a label on, don’t eat it. Or like I use to say to my son – “did mother earth make it or a factory”?

We can do something about this … go back to eating like our great-great grandparents.  Food from the earth, meat from grass-fed and pasture-raised land, saturated fats from the same grass fed animals.  I know my great-grandmother who lived to be 99 did not have cheerios and skim milk for breakfast nor did she feed this to my grandmother who lived to be 100.  They ate raw whole milk, eggs, bacon, and butter, they ate these foods in season and locally. In this generation we do need to use organic, we need to filter our water and stop using toxic chemicals in our home and on our skin, but we can eat just as well.

We also need to add in the bacteria our body is missing, eating fermented foods (sauerkraut), and taking a variety of probiotics. Eliminate sugars, processed foods, unnecessary antibiotics and chemicals.

We can create great health, for ourselves and our kids. We don’t have to fall victim to society’s way of easy eating and chemicals.

Photo courtesy of Worakit Sirijinda via