Kids are back in school and sharing more than just their food – they’re also sharing germs. Let’s stay ahead and keep their immune system strong.

Tips to keep your kids healthy:

  • Use a saline nose spray before school and before bed. Germs are inhaled and can stay in the nasal passage creating illness. By rinsing them out, colds are less likely to happen.
  • Take Elderberry syrup. This is a wonderful immune booster and safe for all. Can take daily.
  • Sleep! We all heal and repair during sleep. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep, 9-11 hours. Start a routine after dinner of calming activities such as reading, bath, lavender oil, low lights, and no computer / I-phone two hours before sleep.
  • Cut out the sugar. After consuming sugar the immune system bonks and stays low up to 6 hours. Make sure they have protein and fats with all meals. If they have an early dinner give them a snack before bed. My granddaughter likes plain organic whole fat yogurt with a few berries and nitrate free bacon, YUM! Here’s an blog about kids, tantrums and food;
  • Make sure they are eating foods high in zinc. Zinc is anti-viral. Grass fed red meat, pork, shellfish, hemp and pumpkin seeds, eggs and legumes are all great sources.
  • Give them some down time. Kids need to relax, to be calm and not always on the go. Even if they are bored! It’s stressful to be doing every minute of wake time, and this increases cortisol which increases blood sugar levels, and decreases the immune system. Doing nothing can be healthy!
  • Wash hands. Teach them when young to wash their hands after playing and before eating. If they are in sports, use a non-toxic hand cleaner without Triclosan.
  • Stay hydrated. Water and coconut water are the best for hydration. Hydrated cells helps the body fight off infections. When dehydrated, the body has a hard time eliminating toxins and waste material.

When kids do get stuffy and congested from being inside, having the heat on, and sharing germs; here is a great homemade chest rub without toxic chemicals:

  • ¼ cup melted shea butter or coconut oil
  • ¼ cup almond oil
  • 6 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 6 drops peppermint essential oil

Stir oils into the warm shea or coconut oil. Cool to a salve-like consistency and apply to chest. You can also put a dab just under the nose to help with breathing at night.

Let’s Stay Healthy!