Diabetes: The Silent and Sneaky Killer

Insulin resistance is silent and before you know it you are labeled a Type 2 Diabetic. It’s sneaky! Weight gain, headaches, dry itchy skin, sleepy after meals, forgetfulness , depression, body aches, fatigue and hunger slowly creep in.

One in four Americans has some form of Diabetes, one in three are unaware they do. Type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed among children in the last 20 years and is climbing! It is now called an Epidemic. It’s shortening our lives and making us miserable!

Now, we have a new one…Type 3 Diabetes. Alzheimer’s disease is being called Type 3 Diabetes, or “Brain Diabetes”.

This doesn’t just happen to us, it’s a slow progression, and we can turn it around. By changing our foods, reducing inflammation, handling stress differently, moving our bodies and looking at how we tell our stories, all make a major impact on how we look, feel and act.