Your 21-Day Breakthrough!

Are You A Longtime Low-Fat Dieter?

Still Struggling With Weight Gain & Loss?

Tired of Bloat, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Feeling Crappy?

Fed Up Denying Yourself Pleasure & Comfort in Food?

Though Not an Alcoholic, Is It Hard to Stop at One or Two?

You may think Hypoglycemia is just low blood sugar.
You don’t realize it’s a condition that tears your body down,
and puts your mind and body into stress mode!

It’s not about the food! Or the calories!
It is about the Blood Sugar!
It’s how your hormones respond to your blood sugar!

Is food controlling your day?

There is no one-size-fits-all diet!
You are unique, and need an individual plan just for you.
Your body has been screaming long enough.

You have been fed a pack of lies about “Food Pyramids”
by “nutrition experts,” grain producers, and the USDA.

Obesity, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Infertility, Cancer, Heart Disease, ADHD, Anxiety, PMS and Acne have all skyrocketed since the 1970’s low-fat-high-grain revolution.

Are you exhausted from dealing with fatigue?
Dragging yourself out of bed each morning?
Brain Fog heading straight for the caffeine?

Hypoglycemia stresses your brain, which diminishes
how you think, and creates life long issues.
Food starts to control you, which makes you shaky and sickly.

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Ignoring symptoms won’t make them go away!

Being told you are oversensitive?
Starving, cranky, trying to beat fat with exercise?
Tired of being asked if you are anorexic?
Have you had enough of health fads?
Trying Diets That Work Against You, Not For You?

Hypoglycemia is a serious condition that can turn into
Diabetes Type 2, and other serious, life-threatening diseases.
If you don’t listen, it will scream louder.

It is reversible, but only when you change what you eat
and how you manage your life.

Its time to actually feel good after eating.
To eat life giving foods that taste wonderful.
To have energy to go for walks, play with our children.
To be able to enjoy life without discomfort.

Time to Leave The Weight Loss Rollercoaster!

Diets are just that, a short -term way of eating.
When it ends you gain back the weight—plus more!
This is not the way you have to feel.

Once you balance blood sugar levels, you will discover:

Fatigue is gone
Food no longer controls you
Weight is balanced
PMS has disappeared
Inflammation & pain have decreased

As you follow the food guide, you will notice
how steady and stable you feel.
Cravings disappear, and skin starts to glow.
Discover how food affects your emotions and lifestyle.

Blood Sugar Reboot takes only 21 Days.

Learn what is best to eat for your body!

Discover how to get your best sleep!

Release stress and damaging thoughts!

Tell a different story of who you are!

This program shows you the correct foods and amounts for your body type. Enough food to feel full and happy, while reducing weight and blood sugar levels.

This is not another temporary diet, to make you feel
worse about yourself as you fail. It is a lifestyle.
A way of life that supports your body, mind and spirit.

The food list is nourishing, filling and simple enough to eat
at restaurants – in fact, restaurants tips are given.
This is how we were meant to eat.

Blood Sugar Reboot Is Here To Help!

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The program is designed to balance blood sugar levels.
Reduce cravings, while improving energy.
When you think about how long you have not felt good,
this is such a short time to get your health back!

Learn to eat 3 meals and leave the table satisfied, not sleepy.
See how emotions block your path to feeling your best,
and discover how to move beyond negativity.

Stop stress from raising blood sugar levels.
Know why sleep matters, along with tips to help you slumber.
Discover the supplements that help cravings
Learn to improve moods as you move forward.

Don’t put this off! We all need to eat!
If not now, when will you do this for yourself?
You will feel lighter, happier, and proud of your results!

This is Your Moment!

Your body won’t wait.

So, what are you waiting for?

Please, don’t put it off any longer!

Leave the downswing!

Regain your energy!

Move back to a place of hope!

Daily affirmations to keep you on track!

Here’s What You Get!

Your 21-Day Sugar ReBoot!

Three weeks of Nurture, Care & Comfort,
back to a life of good health,
just for you!!

Put yourself first! Take back control
of your own health & destiny.

Week 1: Nourish

For your brain & body, a comforting food plan with a constant flow
of glucose to balance your blood sugar throughout every day.
Already, feel happier, more energetic, less moody!!

Week 2: Reset

Eliminate foods causing inflammation & blood sugar spikes,
giving you a calm and relaxation you haven’t had in a long time.
This is your chance to reset your body’s immune system!

Week 3: Balance

Learn secrets of deep sleep, eliminating stress & putting your
health first. Let go self-judgment & re-write your own story.
You will discover a new balance in Mind, Body & Spirit!


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4 Free Mind & Body Audio Sessions

Week 1: Ease Into Blood Sugar Balance
Week 2: Answering Your “Why’s”
Week 3: Finding Your “Healing Story”
Finale: Sugar-Blaster!!


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21 Free Daily Personal Affirmations

Each day, in your mailbox, receive your Personal Daily Affirmation.
Use throughout your day for positive energy.


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A Free Online Wellness Session with Janice!

Private Appointment with Janice Strand NTP, CGP, CHt
Address Your Wellness Challenges.


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Give this beautiful gift to yourself!

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Take Your Life Back!
You will be so happy you did!!