Hypoglycemia Helper Trio

Hypoglycemia Helper Trio:

This Trio is an excellent addition for those who tend to be Hypoglycemic. These will support the Adrenals, and digestive system which often takes a beating with low blood sugar. You will feel energy increase.

1. Adrenal Helper: Specific Botanicals known as Adaptogens, used to support Adrenal and Neurotransmitter function. So often a symptom of Hypoglycemia is low Cortisol, this combination helps to improve energy without stimulation.

2. B-Complex Supreme: Essential B- Complex vitamins in activated , coenzyme forms. B vitamins are required in the diet on a daily basis to support energy, brain, liver and nerve cell function. Often depleted with a high carbohydrate diet, and stress.

3. Digestive Support:  Complete digestion is critical for absorption of nutrients, and energy.  Helpful in reducing gas and bloating when adding in more fats and protein to balance blood sugar levels.

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