Welcome to my website. This is an exciting time for me.
I have raised 2 great kids, have 2 funny bulldogs and a husband who all allow my nutrition uniqueness.

I grew up in the country where we had a garden and raised our own meat. My mom canned in glass jars and cooked in home-raised lard everyday. When I was out playing and hungry I would grab a carrot from the garden or berries from the woods. There were no granola bars, juice boxes or Happy Meals; just food from mother nature.We lived that way because we were a family of 6 with a limited budget. However, as time went on, my mom got a job and the garden went to fallow, we had fewer animals and, with that, came store bread, margarine, bologna and T.V. Dinners. Looking back, I now appreciate that coffee can of lard on the stove – not realizing toxic margarine and Crisco were on the way to take its place.

Since then I have studied/practiced nutrition using my body as a test tube. I’ve been overweight, underweight , low-carb, high-carb and a vegetarian. I feel I have a good understanding on what works for me and love helping others figure that out for their body type and physical conditions.

My kids have been wonderful teachers with their own health issues; in fact my son is celiac which has encouraged me to dig deep into digestion. I am discovering ways to help him reduce his gut inflammation, which I will share from time-to-time. My family all think I’m so odd because the only books I enjoy reading are in regards to nutrition and I follow them around trying to tell them a new fact about the body or food. I annoy them at times, but it’s my passion. I am so lucky to do what I love every day.

I may not have a garden (right now) and I don’t raise my own meat but I am going back to my early years, eating what Mother Nature provides. As I look up right now there is lard in my cast iron skillet on the stove. As my son would tell you “everything taste better in bacon fat”!